Visa Credit Cards

We have the perfect credit card for you to use on vacation, shopping, emergencies or to track your monthly expenses. All of our Visa credit cards offer the following:

And now your improved Geismar Complex FCU Visa® Credit Card now allows you to be rewarded!!! The ScoreCard Bonus Point program gives you points for every qualifying net dollar you spend, and then you can turn your points into terrific awards! Airline travel, vacation getaways, brand name gifts, and more! So use your Geismar Complex FCU Visa® Credit Card today and be rewarded tomorrow!

Platinum Visa

offers the lowest rate and highest limit for members that have an exceptional credit history with a credit limit from $5,000 to $10,000.

Classic Visa

offers a low rate for members with good credit history and a maximum credit limit up to $5,000.

Secure Card

offers a low rate and requires a pledge from a Geismar Complex FCU savings account equal to the card’s credit limit to help you build or rebuild your credit.