Schedule of Fees

Account Research Fee: $10.00 per request/ 1 hour minimum

Bad Address Fee: $5.00 monthly

Deposited Item Return Fee: $30.00 per item

Dormant Account Fee: $5.00 monthly

Items Sent for Collection Fee: $10.00 per item

Reopening Accounts Fee: $10.00 if the account is reopened within 6 (six) months of closure

Early IRA Withdrawal Fee: $20.00

Late Payment Fee: 20% of interest due or $5.00 whichever is greater

Real Estate Loan Processing Fee: $250.00

Credit Union Checks: $2.00 per check

Drafts Returned Unpaid: $30.00 per item

ACH Returned Unpaid: $30.00 per item

Stop Payment Fee: $15.00 per occurrence

Photocopy Request Fee: $2.00 per copy

Overdraft Transfer Fee: $4.00 per occurrence

Assistance in Balancing Account: $10.00 per hour Statement

Reproduction Fee: $2.00 per statement

Check orders: Refer to check printer’s prices

Debit Card Fee: $6.00 per card

Reissue PIN Number Fee: $5.00 per occurrence

Teller Assistance: $5.00 per call

Proof of Payment: $7.50 per occurrence

Archive Retrieval: $25.00 per item

Stop payment on Bill Pay: $15.00 per occurrence

Overnight Mail Request: $10.00 per occurrence

Regular Share Excess Withdrawal Fee: $5.00 per withdrawal after 3 free per month

Wire Transfer Fee: $15.00 (incoming and outgoing)

Early Withdrawals from Certificates: The amount of early withdrawal penalty is based on the difference between the dividend rate paid on a certificate account and a regular share savings account. If all or any portion of a Certificate Account is withdrawn prior to maturity, the amount withdrawn will be penalized such that it will earn the current Regular Share Savings Dividend Rate which was disclosed when the Certificate Account was opened or renewed. There will also be a $20.00 early withdrawal penalty.